WaterColorBot: In the news and around the web!

The Kickstarter campaign for the WaterColorBot was featured on:

CNET, Laughing Squid, Adafruit, Hack Things, Tech Hive, Boing Boing, Engadget, Engineering.com, Tech Crunch, Tech Crunch Japan, Jeruknipis, Geeky Gadgets, golem.de, Gizmodo Germany, Kickstarter Newsletter, BinaryCSE, TechnaBob, Gizmag, Product Design & Development (1, 2), KeerBot, Prosthetic Knowledge, Faveoly, Cool Things, Tech Age Kids, DNA India, Robotguide and Element14.

The WaterColorBot itself has also been seen on:

The Katie Couric Show, The New York Times (1, 2), The Rachel Maddow Show, News10 Sacramento, White House Press Release, White House YouTube Channel (1, 2), White House Twitter Feed, Salon, Auburn Journal, San Jose Mercury News, New York Daily News, and ABC news

Media files and contact information

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